Yield : 1ltr


Ingredients :

Shallots chopped                      43gr

Black peppercorn, cracked     12nos

Tarragon leaves, dried             7gr

Tarragon vinegar                       180ml

White wine                                  30ml

water                                             60ml

Egg yolks                                      9nos

Clarified butter, warm              810gr

Tarragon leaves, fresh, chopped       7gr

Chervil leaves, fresh,coarsely chopped  2gr


Method :

1/- Combine the shallots , pepper corn, tarragon and vinegar. Reduce to sec.

2/- Add the wine and water to the reduction, strain.

3/- Combine thr strained reduction and egg yolks in a stainless-steel bowl. cook over a bain marie until the yolks form ribbons.

4/- Add the clarified butter gradualy , whipping constantly.

5/- Add the chopped tarragon and chervil,  adjust the seasoning to taste with salt.



Yield : 120ml

Thành phần:

Shallot, chopped                     45gr

Peppercorn, cracked              12nos

Tarragon chopped                  20gr

Vinegar                                     180ml

White wine                               30ml

water                                          60ml

Cách làm:

Combine the shallot, peppercorn, tarragon and vinegar in a sauce pan, bring to a simmer, then reduce au sec.

Refresh the reduction with white wine and water.

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