Bolognese sauce


1kg                  minced beef

200gr              minced onion

50 gr               minced garlic

50gr                minced carrot

50gr                minced celery

50gr                minced leek

500gr              minced tomatoes, or crusted tomato plums

2tsp                 oregano, dry

2tsp                 thyme

2nos                bay leaves

100 gr             tomato paste

50ml                cooking oil

500ml              beef stock

Method:   Sautee the vegetable,( excepting tomato) in hot oil, add in minced beef,  continue to saute until the beef is not be lumped, add in tomato paste, and all ingredients, cooking until the beef is tender and the sauce getting consistancy. About 45 minutes. If you want to get more tasting, you can add red wine to glazze after adding the beef.

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