Oeuf en gelee

Joe Beef was perhaps the most talked about cookbook of 2011 and not without good cause. Attention to detail, passion for food, and an amazing atmosphere pour from the photos and stories. This passion extends from the restaurant and into the recipes for modern interpretations of French market food. The recipes are created by Frederic Morin and David McMillan whom are owner/chefs of Joe Beef in Montreal.

Oeufs en gelée is like many French gems, long forgotten and delicious. It turns the humble egg into the star of the dish, surrounding it with a consommé so delicious it defies words. Be forewarned that this is no quick scrambled egg recipe. It will take two days of work and some serious time over a pot of consommé ingredients in order to make it, but the result will be transcendent.

(Copied from http://www.stephanbendall.com/oeufs-en-gelee/)